Packaging is an important step in the fulfillment process. First, all items from the client's order are collected from pallets, then packed in appropriate packaging (usually courier bags unless the customer does not have personalized packaging), and reported to the courier service.

The speed and skill of packaging, delivery and accuracy of content and proper addressing have a great impact on the customer experience. If the delivery is late, if the product is damaged due to irregular packaging, if the package contains the wrong product, the chances that the customer will continue to order from you and recommend you to others are almost non-existent.

By choosing our fulfillment center, you will avoid delays, badly packed orders, wrong content. The key lies in the good organization of tasks and communication of the team in charge of this part of the process.

Also, the status of VIP client in cooperation with the courier service allows us to subsequently correct the delivery data of your customers (if the need arises), which reduces the number of unwanted package returns. Certainly, we check the addresses when the order arrives in our system and inform you about possible irregularities so that we can correct it in agreement with you before handing it over to the courier service.

Importing products is also something that you do not have to deal with on your own – leave the complete procedure to us. From ordering to import and customs clearance, and then storage and sending to the end customer.

We can also provide you a call center service, which means that you do not have to hire and coordinate independently with the operators. This can be done for you by our operators.

We photograph the products you sell from different angles so that the potential buyer has a realistic picture of what he can expect. Photos come to you not after taking photos, but after editing.

Fulfillment Center offers professional and efficient storage solutions for e-commerce companies. You only pay for the space you use. The more you sell, the less you pay, and the calculation is done on a monthly basis.